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Definition of SBT (SoulBounds Tokens) :

Soulbound tokens (SBTs) are digital certificates that can help you prove your identity online, but with a particularity : they are non-transferable. The concept was inspired by the popular video game World of Warcraft, which rewards players with items they can't trade or sell "SoulBounds".

Unlike non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other cryptocurrencies that can be traded on the open market and transferred from one wallet to another, soulbound tokens are permanently bound to a wallet or account for their entire lifespan. Such wallets or accounts that host soulbound tokens are referred to as "Souls." Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum identifies himself as the future pioneer and creator of SBT on his blockchain. Maybe we will find in a few years with this new kind of NFT on other blockchains (BSC can be...)



Imagine having a blockchain account called your Soul that stores information about you - like your educational history, employment details and even information about your experiences. If you had something like this, it would be like a CV but for the web3 !

🔒 Tutorial : How to create an SBT

SBTs today are not fully recognized by organizations, so there is not really a wide deployment by companies (Opensea, Metamask...) However it is possible today to create them via the Ethereum contract editing platform "Remix Ethereum".
Here is a tuto produced by DAppUniversity to practice. We will update this article if there is anything new ! 

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