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What is BringValue ?

BringValue is a web 3.0 digital agency based in the heart of downtown Nantes, France. Our expertise ranges from a simple benchmark of your business to the realization of concrete ideas for digital marketing strategies. We are now able to produce and design NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), soon SoulBounds Tokens SBT (which are non-transferable NFTs) or boost your business development through unique secret GrowthHacking strategies that work much better than SEO/SEA.

We sincerely believe in the deployment of SoulBounds Tokens in a broad and global sense, an ambitious technology that may revolutionize the way we manage our daily lives. And we are not the only ones, Vitalik Buterin the creator of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts thinks so too.

SBT.. ? Did you say digital Revolution ?

This type of secure and non-transferable NFT contains a public key, as well as a digital key signed only once, which indicates that there can be only one and only one owner. At this point in time, the creation of this system is quite complex and will take some time. But imagine a world where the important papers of your life that are probably in the bottom of a drawer are stored on a single digital wallet on the blockchain. Well, that's what SBT is all about, centralizing your documents in a totally decentralized way on the blockchain.

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What we do

Our Differents Services

NFT / SBT Soulbounds Tokens Creation ⭑

Forget the old formats of important documents. Protect them with SBT Tokens.

A new era is approaching, important documents will have to be stored in a few years on completely decentralized environments, the blockchain. These important documents will be protected and issued by a unique, non-transferable token assigned to a digital wallet. We take care of their creation through their design (NFT, Diplomas, Wage slips, Bills...) until their complete deployment on the blockchain at the addresses of your choice.

Metaverse Implementation

Discover new creative possibilities for your business in an imaginary virtual world.

The Metaverse is the new trend of the next decade. And for good reason, important companies have invested heavily in it (Facebook, PlayStation, Carrefour...) to establish themselves and ensure an image, a future presence within the WEB 3.0. With us, organize your next advertising campaign in this new futuristic universe mixing gaming. From a simple advertising panel to the purchase of a plot of land, everything is possible for you.

Uniques 3.0 Marketing Digital Strategies

We imagine never used growth hacking methods for your business.

As this new era of the internet unfolds, our passion has always been to imagine unique digital strategies that have never been used for businesses. Actions that are often unknown and that work better than traditional advertising such as affiliate marketing, or growth hacking methods (Jarvee, Bots that put you in trending Twitter for example...). Let's develop together a complete book of strategies and an action plan to start tomorrow.

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"Very good services, the team planned a detailed action plan in good delays and take the time to detail me all their work."

- Jérome

"Cool ideas, a nice future development for my company. I will study your proposals with the utmost attention."

- Gneto

"The diplomas of my students as well as the salary slips of my employees will soon be sent on the blockchain thanks to SBT Tokens and BringValue."

- Brendak
Let's create something awesome together! -
Let's create something awesome together! -

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